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Digital trading done right

Our online ecosystem enables thousands of buyers and sellers from around the world to interact seamlessly with one another and trade goods and services hassle-free.

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Building trust in the digital age

Our platforms have the potential to link businesses to new opportunities efficiently and effectively. They promote and reward trust-centric trading by creating a secure landscape for buyer-to-supplier communications and trades, with smart paperless contracts underpinned by blockchain technology; a secure vault for exchange of confidential financial data; and Escrow services to safeguard payments.

The overarching data gathered from every engagement, communication and device used to link to the site can be analysed and engineered via Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to refine and create an ever more reactive platform, generating a wealth of new income streams.

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Behind Mango

We’re a team of highly passionate entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and computer scientists with a problem-solving mindset, focused on solutions for connecting the online trading and business world.
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