Get prices for PPGI & GI products

Why BuyPPGI?

BuyPPGI was created out of an identified need to connect steel manufacturers and exporters with buyers around the world. It is building a worldwide, unified marketplace where sellers and buyers of coil coated steel can exchange key information regarding their products and needs.

By providing a one-stop shop free from prohibitive membership fees for PPGI buyers and sellers to connect and negotiate deals, we help both parties reduce the costs and the difficulties usually involved in sourcing products globally.

Worldwide Access to the Best Products at the Best Prices

BuyPPGI is leveling the playing field, creating equal opportunities for all sized businesses to access the best GI and PPGI products for their individual requirements at the best prices. We have limited our manufacturer base to partners we have identified as offering both quality and reliability. We invest time in rigorously vetting each of our suppliers’ qualifications, to ensure that buyers are protected from poor or inferior quality products.

How Buyers and Sellers Will Benefit

The advantages to the typical BuyPPGI purchaser are numerous:

  • With no upfront cost to register with the site, there is no risk of wasting money on speculative searches.
  • Responses to requests for quotations are in real-time – no delays waiting for brokers to service the deal.
  • Pricing and delivery dates can be more accurately negotiated.
  • The marketplace fosters transparency, enabling buyers to open a Letter of Credit directly with their chosen supplier; and
  • The quality of the end product is assured beforehand through our exacting supplier selection process.

For suppliers, the benefits are equally attractive:

  • Once vetted by our in-house team, your company will have the access you need to a range of high quality buyers that will help fill your order books all year round.
  • Buyers are located across the world, enabling you to advertise your products on a global scale at minimal cost. This offers opportunities to expand your reach without having to expand your marketing budget.
  • There is no upfront fee for sellers to register on the site. Only successful orders will attract a 1% commission fee, not payable until the deal goes through, guaranteeing you won’t be out of pocket if you see no increase in your business.