About Us

Mission, Vision, Values


There are a host of small- to medium-sized businesses across the globe that strive to be the very best they can be. They take great pride in the quality of their products and the delivery of great customer service. And yet their stories are rarely told.

Globalisation is the buzz word of today’s business world, but the voices of these smaller businesses are often lost in the noise created by multinational corporations. Without the resources and the platform to compete on an international scale, they’re unable to take the place in the limelight they deserve.

Mango aims to change the B2B scene, empowering small- to medium-sized businesses and giving them an arena in which they can showcase their goods or services. Through the MangoB2B platform, they can tell their stories, increase their visibility and build trust with buyers all over the world. Through tools like the BuyPPGI platform, sector-specific trades can take place with greater cost-efficiency; transactions can be seamless and secure; and feedback on delivery of quality goods will help businesses build credibility and authentic engagement.


Our vision is to create all-encompassing, comprehensive and secure marketplaces in which buyers can find reliable sellers for all their business purchasing needs; and sellers can build their businesses - and reputations – to compete effectively on a global scale. We aim to ensure that we smooth their path to success by utilising innovative technologies to create user-friendly interfaces. These will be underpinned by the very best security measures to mitigate risk and allow companies to do business anywhere in the world.


As a team, we value trust and transparency. We believe in creating a level playing field on which genuine businesses with ideas, talent, dedication and passion can compete fairly and openly with their peers and with other, larger companies working in their industries.