Making Trading Easier, Safer and More Profitable for Buyers and Sellers

At MangoB2B, we’re working behind the scenes on changes to our online platform that will help you grow your business internationally.

Any business worth its salt seeks to move with the times, constantly seeking feedback, anticipating changes and reacting accordingly. That’s just what we do at MangoB2B on an ongoing basis. And after several years of running our online portal in its original form, we’re working on a wholescale revamp of the overall framework, and some of the nuts and bolts, to deliver an international trade platform and marketplace that will help you and businesses like you that trade fairly, with safety and trust.

Exciting Changes to Come

Technology’s moved on a lot since we designed the initial platform, and so have people’s expectations. Using the valuable opinions and suggestions of our clients and crack team of advisers, we’re working on a new version of MangoB2B. This will utilise more agile and scalable technologies to help us deliver bigger, better services faster. It will also futureproof the site, enabling growth and development to continue as the landscape changes, both in terms of technology and the services we can offer.

We’re moving over to the Cloud, so the data we’re gathering can be delivered faster and more reliably to our users, wherever they are around the world. And that’s important, because we now have manufacturers from over 127 countries, and buyers from 160 countries and rising. We’re also incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into our systems – that means buyers and sellers can be matched with each other faster and more accurately, saving you time and improving the relevance of your search results when you’re sourcing or selling goods for your business.

New Features That Anticipate and Address Trading Difficulties

As well as improving the infrastructure of the site, we’re also working on adding individual features that smooth out the often-complex processes involved in online trading. Our own experiences, linked with those of our advisers and site users, have identified some of the most irritating, and in some cases deal-breaking, challenges. These crop up at all stages of the workflow, from finding suitably qualified sellers to negotiating prices, placing orders and compiling contracts and invoices.

Our aim is to simplify and automate as many steps as possible, while building in appropriate safeguards, to make risk-free trading a breeze wherever you are in the world. The platform as a whole will also reward companies that trade honestly and responsibly.

Here are just a few of the features you can expect to see coming soon:

  • Direct messaging tools in a secure environment, allowing buyers and sellers to easily discuss prices, terms and conditions when requesting quotes.
  • Proforma, contracts and invoices automatically generated and the ability to place subsequent, repeat orders at the touch of a button once a satisfactory agreement on price and terms has been reached.
  • Shipping and delivery taken care of, either by the supplying company or by internationally recognised shipping companies as an integrated feature on the MangoB2B platform.

Watch this space for more information and news on when the changes go live. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Have you used the site, found any problems or want to suggest new features that would help your business grow through MangoB2B? Let us know!