The People
Behind Mango

We’re a team of highly passionate entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, and computer scientists with a problem-solving mindset, focused on solutions for connecting the online trading and business world.


Shahid Maqbool

CEO and Founder
The story all began with Shahid, who began forming his vision of what Mango has been set up to achieve after an informative trip to China in the wake of the 2011 Alibaba scandal. This identified and highlighted the very real barriers for small and medium-sized businesses in accessing and capitalising on the rising potential of B2B e-commerce. Shahid continues to work tirelessly towards generating secure marketplaces in environments of trust, where companies can actively demonstrate their expertise, quality and reliability in order to grow. With over 20 years of successfully holding challenging roles and building experience in technology services across developed and emerging markets, Shahid also brings entrepreneurial expertise and huge insight into the difficulties surrounding facilitation of international trade.

Vlad Omer

Front-End Engineer and Product Manager
Vlad is our specialist in front-end engineering, including UI (User Interface) and Information Architecture (IA) design. With over fifteen years’ experience in designing and creating beautiful, ergonomic and high performing websites, Vlad has the enviable power of translating the complex technical detail into user friendly, responsive websites that deliver what the end user needs seamlessly and apparently without effort. With exceptional time and project management skills, Vlad is a prime collaborator and achiever, working tirelessly towards Mango’s goals.

Bilegt Battumur

Back-End Engineer
Bilegt Battumur is our lead information architect and back-end engineer. He is a highly experienced full-stack developer with a strong passion for planning and implementing efficient data-rich web applications. His problem-solving mindset and his background in microservices-based systems, cloud services, DevOps and front-end business logic make him an integral part of our team. His past experience includes a role as one of a small team of core developers at NOM (formerly No Ordinary Media), where he worked on coding and developing the platform for contextual targeting of videos on YouTube, branded video content distribution, and custom content targeting on YouTube using data analytics and machine learning to deliver better performance. It's a testament to Billy's contribution that NOM has recently won ThinkLA's Start-Up of the Year Award for innovation. We're sure Billy will continue to help us push boundaries with our vision for the MangoB2B platform! High profile clients and brands Billy has worked with included Toyota, Harley Davidson, Western Union, State Farm, Soylent, New Balance, Callaway, and Blizzard.

Louise McTigue

Head of Research and Content Development
After graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Literae Humaniores, Louise spent 17 years at the Charity Commission, a UK civil service department that regulates charities in England and Wales. Covering the whole range of regulatory and support roles, she was latterly Head of Research Reports and Charity Engagement. Over the last nine years, she’s developed a portfolio career that spans writing and research for all manner of small to medium sized businesses on a freelance basis. At Mango, she is responsible for research, content development and story-telling for the company’s client base.

Amila Prabandhika

Technical Lead Adviser (Acting CTO)
Amila has developed an impressive breadth and range of knowledge as a software professional throughout his career. With a first degree in Artificial Intelligence and a Masters in Advanced Computer Science in which he earned a Distinction, Amila has held technology leadership roles and has become a recognised expert as an architect of systems that are both resilient and scalable, delivering sustained high performance. To Mango, he is essential in offering the strategic insight needed to keep us ahead of the game.

Professor Alex Rogers

A professor of Computer Science at the prestigious Oxford University, Alex holds worldwide renown for his deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). His knowledge keeps Mango at the forefront of these cutting edge issues.

Richard Flaherty

Creative Adviser
Brimming with ideas and a serial entrepreneur, Richard’s career is noted for its variety and creativity. From making independent TV documentaries and writing screenplays to earning his Private Pilot’s Licence; from founding and establishing a charity for medical research into TB and HIV to running a Traditional Ayurvedic Clinic and Dispensary, Richard is something of a Renaissance man who reinvents himself and his career every ten years to keep life fresh and exciting. Richard contributes ideas and his valuable vast experience to the Mango team.