Ethical Trading In The Global Market

Trading worldwide is rising exponentially, offering great opportunities for sellers and consumers alike. But it brings its own issues for the B2B marketplace where, as noted, the stakes for each sale are so high. In the global market, geographical distances are increased, so marketing representatives can’t meet their target markets face-to-face as easily. That makes it less easy to build positive relationships in the same way as they might do when conducting in-country sales.

Moreover, whereas companies in the B2C space can build up their reputations through customer reviews on online independent marketplaces, there’s less potential for this in the B2B space. Businesses are often cagey about recommending their already trusted suppliers. Then, there’s the sheer number of complexities involved when buying goods from another country – will your money disappear; will the goods you are sent be of an inferior quality; and does the company you are buying from, in fact, exist?

Larger companies have huge marketing budgets which can help overcome many of these issues. But for small to medium sized business concerns, the problems become insurmountable. It’s a vicious circle: how can you demonstrate you are an ethical seller if you cannot make a sale in the first place because you can’t convince buyers that you can be trusted?

How can MangoB2B help?

When you’re trying to get a foot in the door of the global marketplace, it doesn’t matter how ethical you feel your company is, nor how high quality your goods or services are. Nor does it matter how responsibly you respond to buyer demand before, during and after a sale. The fact is that you must be able to demonstrate all this, and that you can be trusted, quickly and effectively, in order to make a sale to potential clients in the first place.

Without a clear, open and transparent way of doing so, you run the risk of being overlooked.

It’s for these reasons that we have devised the MangoB2B business directory and marketplace. We know there are genuine, high-performing and high-trust businesses across the globe that deliver top quality goods and services. We offer these businesses the platform – and the opportunity – to gain visibility in the marketplace, by building up a reputation for quality. Make the connections you need to make a sale, deliver on your promises and your standing will begin to speak for itself.

We aim to carry out all the important checks of the companies in question. For starters, we establish that each company on our database is operational and has a physical premises. Businesses then have the chance to create an online business profile that lets them showcase their company and its offerings to the world. We also offer buyers and sellers alike secure systems for escrow, smart contracts and secure communications. And once a sale has taken place, we encourage buyers to rate and review the transaction.

Our aim is to build an ethical marketplace where small to medium sized businesses can achieve the visibility they deserve, both within their industries and beyond.

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